The new Chapel of Sendai Aobasou Church was built at January 1990. About two years later at December1991,the Pipe organ by German organ builder Mr.Jann was established. We dreamed for long time about pipe organ.After many complications Aobasou church dicided on establishment of pipe organ.Committee of music went many churchs and schools of Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture to see pipe organs, and decided Mr.Jann.At the end of November 1991,organ parts made in Germany was carried to church.That was completed December 20th ,and December 22th 1991,we hold special worship.I played Prelude and Fuge g-moll by J.S.Bach and other organ works. April 5th1992, announce concert of organ was held.Mr.Tuguo Hirono professor of Tokyo university Of Art played.This organ have beautiful and abundant tone. Every Sunday this organ assist worship and lot of people played for various meetings and concerts.

Details of Organ introduction
Sendai Aobasou Church Organist@@ Shindo Michiko